Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You're Putting WHAT Down My WHAT?

So as promised, here is a blog post about my play experience last night with RocketPup.

He has come to stay with us for a few days while some work is done on his place, so we had a good opportunity to get in some gear and perversion.

After spending part of the day yesterday running errands and getting some work done, we decided in the afternoon it would be a good time to gear up and have some fun. Originally we suggested getting in some gear and just hanging out as we were both a bit worn down, but as is the way of things, once the gear was out, we were no longer tired -- go figure.

Let me start off by saying that the cath scene is something that Rocket and I had discussed before, so I knew that this was coming at SOME point, just not when. I did, however suspect that it was going to be over the next few days.

Once i was in my gimpsuit and strapped securely to the table, he held up 2 catheters and told me to choose one (I later learned that one was a gauge larger than the other). After some blue electro bands were  attached to my cock, we were ready to begin... Wellll, I'm not sure i was ready, but there is no backing out at this point, my desire to be cath'd for a scene was in writing.....

So to the point: What does it feel like to be catheterized?

It's really not something that is easily described -- it feels somewhat like being sounded, but at the same time it is a different sensation. One interesting sensation is having the urethra pre-lubed -- a syringe of sterile lube is injected in (this feels like pissing cold water, backwards). Once the cath gets to the area where you are closer to the bladder, it becomes different -- much different! As it gets deep in the urinary tract, you start to feel like you have to pee, there is a quick pinch of pain as it passes into your bladder, and then you feel like you are urinating (which if your bladder was full, you would be). Once the balloon is inflated on the cath, you are effectively controlled....

Back to the scene itself.... Once the catheter was in, the blue bands were put into place, and the electro was turned on, and I started to get hard. This is an interesting sensation and visual (there is mirror above the bondage table, so i got to see EVERYTHING)... the sensation of my cock getting hard, as i watched it 'climb' the cath was very stimulating, admittedly.

After about 2 hours of electro, breath control, bondage, rubber, and the cath being worked in and out of my cock (this also feels pretty intense), I felt something... I wasn't really sure what, but I didn't wonder for long -- I could feel the waves and spasms of an impending orgasm. I'm fairly sure I screamed (not in pain, or at least not ALL in pain) my way through the orgasm as this was a bit more intense than what a normal orgasm usually feels like.

Rocket was pretty nice to me after that and turned the electro down, and gave me a chance to relax a bit, but I did stay on the table for awhile. Eventually I was un-catheterized, and let up off the table, though he did take the opportunity to get me hard a few more times (he likes to leave me hornier after the scene than I started it).

Things I learned:

  1. I can cum with a catheter in!!! 
  2. Having a catheter put in is quite stimulating actually (if you like urethral play especially)
  3. Having a catheter removed is even more stimulating (I promise, you have to feel it to understand)
  4. Apparently I need to drink more water :)
And what everyone is looking for, here are a few pics from the scene:


  1. Nice!.....I've had it done once with the smaller one....no balloon.....getting it done tomorrow night with the larger one and a balloon....along with saline injection for the first time.....from a nurse friend I play with sometimes...:-)...*wags*

  2. As someone that has to cath four or five times a day (Cauda Equina Syndrome), I can't really describe what it's like because I can't feel most of it.

    However, you're not really controlled. All you need is a knife or a pair of scissors to remove a catheter with a balloon. If you cut off the end, the saline in the balloon will drain out and a few seconds later the catheter can just be slid right out.

    (Fortunately I don't have to bother with those, I just get to use a straight catheter that sits in a small tub of glycerine for a week and gets used and rinsed as needed).

    However, if you are also tied up, then yes, you are controlled. However, a catheter isn't needed for that.