Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fetters Leather Sleepsack Review

Next up in the sleepsack reviews im going to change it up a bit, and review a Leather sleepsack -- from Fetters Specifically.

This sleepsack is different, in that it is in a different category pricewise from the other sacks i have reviewed thus far. This sleepsack, with the options I ordered, came in to the tune of just under two thousand dollars.

As ordered, my sack is a size Large, with Nipple Flaps, a Rear Access Zip, and the Body Belts -- all of these tend to add to the versatility of the sleepsack in one way or another.

The fit of the sack is maybe a little bigger than stated in the size chart in my opinion, as Fetters themselves sized me out for a large, and i feel it could be a little smaller. 

The construction of the sack is one of the best points -- this is made with good quality soft leather, heavy stitching, good zippers, and large rivets where required. This is definitely one piece you do not have to worry about damaging during a play scene, or as the captive.

For those of you that have been in a rubber sack, but never a leather one, it is an entirely different experience … more restrictive, more inescapable, equally sweaty i would say, but not as slimy slippery -- personally i tend to prefer rubber over leather, but some scenes just demand the durability that leather lends.

To sum up my thoughts about the sack: 

This is a great quality sack, but you will pay a premium for it
After 2 years of use, mine has held up very well to suspension and abuse
This is definitely one sack that you will only need to buy one time

No earth shattering surprises here

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