Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crafting and My Work Area

Recently I have had quite a few people ask about my work area for crafting, so I thought i would blog about it a bit...

 Let me start with some background -- to put it mildly, I do a lot: Welding, Carpentry, Upholstery, Sewing, Leather, Rubber and Neoprene Craft. I am not an amazing crafter at any of these, not earth shattering by any means, just merely competent. What I have no lack of, is crazy ideas for ways to make gear better, more interesting, more perverse.

 My work area consists of 3 discrete areas:
1) The Rubber / Cutting Area - This area is where i have my 6 foot table, a large cutting mat and and assortment of tools of the trade for my projects.

2) The 'Hardware' Table - This table is dedicated to presses, punches and open area to wrangle various materials into interesting things... grommeting, installing lock posts, punching holes, riveting. Pretty much anything that requires hardware, I do here, on this hideous (and hopefully soon to be replaced) woodgrain 4 foot table.

3) The Sewing Area - This area consists of a large industrial sewing machine in a 4 foot table, as well as another sewing machine that has more diverse stitching, but can not sew latigo and heavier leather hides, biothane, etc.

Here are a few photos of my area with captions below:

 These are my utensils: Brushes, scissors, rotary cutters, punches, seam rollers, tape, guides, etc

This is simply my large cutting mat, with a few recent pieces of work sitting on it.

Supplies: Glue, Solvent, Tape, Alcohol and small hardware

An ample supply of mostly scrap latex, leather, biothane and nylon webbing.

Larger hardware: Buckles, D-Rings, Keepers, etc

New Latex, in a few colors

This is my machine, it does rivets, grommets, snaps, basically everything you need

Above are my 2 sewing machines. A Juki industrial machine for the heavy stuff, and an old Elgin for more complicated stitches, and things other than a straight stitch.

That about wraps it up for today. If anyone has any questions about the work area or any specifics, hit me up on here, or on Twitter as @rubberfreak and i would be happy to share more details about the craft. 

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