Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Rubber Craft Intro (Part 1)

I have had a couple questions about just exactly what is needed to start taking a stab at learning rubbercraft.

These are the things that are imperitave to get started:
1) A very sharp pair of scissors
2) Rubber Cement (I Prefer Best Test Paper Cement for Experiments)
3) Thinner/Cleaner (Bestine is a good choice, or you can use Heptane/Mineral Spirits in a pinch)
4) Scrap Rubber (Start by buying a yard or so of .33mm - .45mm latex, in any color)
5) A seam roller (or you can use your fingers)
6) A work area (Kitchen Table, Folding Table, Workbench)

1) A rotary cutter (45mm is a good size for curves, 60mm for straights)
2) A cutting mat (this will save the edge on your rotary cutter, it does make a big difference)

Check out the Making Latex Clothes tutorial videos for a bit of good info on gluing straight lines and curves, and go practice. The one thing that this is going to take more than anything to learn is TIME! I have been at this for a couple years now, and am just starting to get a handle on things.

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