Monday, December 19, 2011

Chastity Goals

I have been into chastity for a long time -- since i was probably 16 years old -- After toying with some homemade devices, I got my first device through a friend at 18 years old … it was a well-loved Tollyboy (Remember those?) chastity belt. 

Considering how custom these belts are, the fit was better than either of us could have hoped… It fit well around the waist (I had probably a 28" waist at the time), and the measurement through the crotch, as well as the penis tube were a good fit. 

After a trial run, I let him keep the keys to it for 2 weeks at a time. Admittedly it was very stimulating to go to college classes, knowing those around me had no idea that i was wearing steel chastity locked on. As a boy of college years, with my sex-drive pent up, naturally i began to develop attractions to some of the guys i went to school with (as you might expect).

This went on for about 6 months, wearing the belt on and off -- it definitley wet my appetite for chastity (a hobby which i definitley couldnt afford). 

Ok, im rambling -- I told this story to talk about my goals involving chastity. 

Soon i will be ordering a secure, and very wearable chastity device from Steelworxx -- The Looker 03 for those that are interested. I plan on breaking my previous chastity record.

My current record stands at 45 days in chastity with frequent teasings and cleanings, and plenty of bondage any time my cock was unlocked. 

Currently I think my goal is going to be 60 days once im adjusted, and then up from there -- I am going to use the blog as a chastity dictionary while i am under lock and key, so it should prove amusing for everyone.

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  1. That is a beautiful device! PA lock as an anti-pullout measure is perfect.

    I have a JailBird from Mature Metal. I don't have a pullout problem, I have the problem of not keeping my hands off and making myself cum in the cage. Really wishing I had someone local to play with me and stimulate other parts of my body as well as setting up punishments for cumming.

    I look forward to seeing your first pics of you locke din your new device and I'll be cheering you on to reach your 60 day goal.