Friday, December 16, 2011

Folsom Street Fair

The last few years I have made it a point to attend Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco -- This year was particularly interesting for me as I got to wear the gimpsuit out on the street for the first time.

I stayed with Rubberboi and his partner at a hotel a few blocks down the street, so I have a bit of a walk to get there. He was nice enough to zip me up in the gimpsuit, help me get my camelback (which hooks to the drinking tube on the FM12 mask) and get my newly purchased bulldog harness on.

I left the hotel fully zipped into the gimpsuit, which made the walk down to the fair amusing and we got a lot of looks, as Rubberboi was also in full coverage.

The temperature was fantastic, at around 75 degrees, not too sunny -- perfect for a day out on the street in full coverage latex.

Here are a few photos of Rubberboi and myself from around the fair:

And here are a few photos that I found on flickr of myself and Rubberboi:

Thanks to Rubberboi and his partner for a great time while I was out for Folsom! 

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