Monday, December 5, 2011

Finding my Mojo

A bit cliche of a phrase 'Finding my Mojo' especially since those damn movies came out ....

That aside, I do seem to have my drive back. Recently a friend has been transplanted along with his partner (Rocket/ScubaCCS and Reddy) to Chicago. Since his moving here I have spent more time on the bike, in gear, and making and thinking about gear designs than I had in the last two years.

I am not embarrassed to attribute this mostly to Rocket, and his singular fixation on gear that generally mirrors my own. Because he and I both have this fixation, my mind turns increasingly to more interesting/heavy/perverse gear, and ways to use and create it. Those of you who know he and I know that we both have a reputation for wearing headgear more often than not, and full-coverage is a uniform and not really an option in a play setting.

I am lucky, as i have a regular Tuesday appointment to be resident office-gimp while he works from home -- it involves spending a lot of time in rubber and restraints, and requires occasional discomfort -- my ideal job indeed.

Since getting my motivation back, I have done a lot of modifications and creations in the playroom. Recent additions include hanging a set of speakers for playroom music, along with an amp, a rack for the straps that are used upon the bondage table, and a mirror, so that an immobile victim can enjoy the view of itself.

Here are a few gear photos from some of the recent playtime and sportbike rides

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