Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My SeriousMaleBondage Experience

I thought i would share a couple photos and thoughts from my SeriousMaleBondage experience.

I got invited to take a trip to SMB by Mikey and Tony, while in San Francisco over the weekend after a business trip. Of course I have seen the photos and some of the videos that have come from SMB, so i was more than happy to take a ride over there and see what this place was all about.

Luckily for me I brought a pretty good bit of gear. For those that know me, generally when I have a small suitcase of clothes, and a VERY large suitcase of gear ... probably a 3:1 ratio gear to clothes (as it should be)

After sitting and talking for a bit, we decided to get down to some bondage. I put on my Invincible catsuit, and a Blackstyle Combi-Hood, and was promptly strapped to the bed with very nearly every Humane Restraints hospital strap in the entire house. After some time to get a feel for the bondage, Mikey and Tony started teasing me with the vibrator and edging me a bit, which was fun as immobile as i was. Before I was let up, it was suggested they should tighten every single strap one notch. Let me just say it was both HOT and crushingly tight.

After that bit of bondage, the guys wanted to see my Blackstyle suit that has been termed the "Gimp Suit". This is a full coverage suit, with attached Toe-Socks, Fist Mitts, and an FM12 Gas Mask Hood. The zippers on this suit actually lock using a small key, making it pretty much impossible to get off by yourself, even with the key, due to the tight fist mitts.

Once i was in that suit, I got to try the famous strap chair that a lot of you have probably seen in many SMB photos. When they took me to the chair, it was in a closet (which it barely fits in), and I was promptly strapped into it as tight as possible, and teased a bit.

While i was left to enjoy the chair (once they even closed the closet door and turned off the light for awhile, I think I could nap like that), Mikey got chained to the wall using some RigidCuffs they had around SMB, and from the sounds of things Tony was giving him a pretty hard time. All I know is by the time Mikey and I were both free, and we went to dinner, we were both wearing smiles.

I will share more photos from the session as time progresses, but here are a few samples:

For more, you can visit htttp://seriousmalebondage.com I do hope to make it back to SMB the next time i find myself in the area.

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