Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bodisama Bash at IML

Bodisama Bash
In memory of James (Bodisama), tieguy7001 has arranged a memorial bash at IML, see details in the attached image. Rubber up and come help send him off in the way he would have wanted!

Monday, May 10, 2010

IML Chicago Rubbermen -- "Greet the Meat"

If you happen to be coming to IML, be sure to stop by the Chicago Rubbermen "Greet the Meat" party. Details in the above picture.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Yes, this IS me, and I can't think of any position i like better than this. More immobilized = better. If only my head was tied down too LOL

My homemade sling!

Just thought I'd post a quick photo of my homemade sling. Threw it together just for those times when you need the right tool for the right job LOL. Enjoy.

Blowouts, IML

Well well ... how have we arrived at this point?

Let's talk about rubber for a moment shall we; and the one topic that concerns a lot of us rubberists quite heavily.

The B word: Blowouts.

Thanks to a MAJOR blowout, i now need a new catsuit. My poor invincible shoulder zip/codpiece suit didn't even make it a whole year, thanks to (what appears to be) some shoddy seam work in the small of the back area of the suit. I KNOW blowouts happen on rubber gear, but i am starting to get annoyed about being plagued by pinholes and blowouts lately, after going so long without them.

Proper size is really important in preventing blowouts, as we all know, but even so -- a pinhole can turn into a blowout at the most inoppurtune time (on the CTA trains for example).

Furthermore -- blowing out someone else's gear -- while it's embarrassing to you, can be really annoying for them. After all -- they have to foot the bill for the gear (nobody ever apologizes and replaces gear in real life, BTW. Trust me on this, out of probably 20 blowouts of my gear that weren't caused by me, only one replaced the gear). Not cool.

On another topic entirely -- does anyone else ever get REALLY protective of certain pieces of gear? Example: I am really protective of my catsuit, and my steel collar. I don't let anybody wear these, and i don't plan to let anyone wear them in the future -- illogical maybe, but it is still present nonetheless -- it does however, strike me as odd.

So to close this little blurb on an embarrassing note: I (rubberfreak), am going to be going to IML without a catsuit this year. You heard me -- I will not have my own catsuit to wear during IML, and I don't plan on buying one from Mr-S or TLS at the market. Unless I can get one from Invincible, or Cocoon before IML, I shall be catsuitless (i think i just created a new word).

How about it Cocoon? I've been wanting a shoulder zip / codpiece suit from you with locking zip heads for several years ... think you can step up and deliver before IML? The challenge has been brought forth.

A thousand and one pains, for no pleasure ... (I am in a bad mood),