Friday, February 3, 2012


I realize I've been away for awhile. Rest assured that i have not been idle on the creation front....

Some production has had to stop briefly while I waited for finances to come in line to order more supplies -- now that thats taken care of i need to consider what tooling i need to pick up next.

I have made a bit of headway on patterning, as i need to adjust the posture collar a bit, among other things. I also need to improve my skills with Illustrator or a like product for fast and easy pattern modification.

On the kink play side of things, i have now learned to cath myself, which means i can cath others (very evil grin). Rocket and I haven't managed to line up on tuesday as frequently as we would like, due to being busy, and bits of flu going around, but I expect we'll get back to it :)