Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Making a List

No, not a christmas list, but a play wish list (these may be the same for some of us)

For those of us fortunate enough to have a regular play partner, just exactly what to do to each other can sometimes become a bit of a problem. Obviously we don't want to repeat the same scene over and over and over, and most of us have fantasies we want fulfilled. There IS a way to make this work, still have unexpected scenes each time, and live some of your desires.

Rocket and I came up with a solution soon after he moved to Chicago, thanks to none other than Google Docs. It's really quite simple... Each person keeps a list of activities that they would like to be subjected to (the best way for this to work, is take your wildest fantasies, figure out how one would live them out, and put these ideas down in a document). Once you have your list, you simply share it with your playmate.

Now whenever you play, if the person in charge wants to give you a new or intense experience, this list comes into play. It gives them a 'menu' of items to choose from, to implement one, or multiple of your desires.

For me, this makes the play more enjoyable from both roles for a few reasons:

  1. You get to help your friend live their fantasies (Trust me, this is hot)
  2. The connection and intensity is much greater
  3. As a top, you get to subject someone to something you KNOW they want, but may never ask for
A few key points here:
  • If you don't actually want it, do NOT put it on the list
  • Anything on the list is fair game, safety and time permitting
  • Always and Continuously Update YOUR List
  • Feel free to suggest items for a friends list, you think they might like
I have found that often I will see something on his list, and add it to my own, or vice versa.

If anyone else has a system that they use with friends that they like, I would love to hear about it! Comment here or hit me up on Twitter at (at)rubberfreak.

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