Saturday, December 10, 2011

Extreme Restraints Sleepsack (No Longer Available)

Continuing the sleepsack reviews, I'm moving on to reviewing the latex sleepsack from Extreme Restraints.

This was my first experience with latex sleepsacks, so it sticks in my memory a bit. This sleepsack is fairly heavy (Around .8mm i beleive), and has no extras to speak of. It is basic, front entry, and has a buckle collar and 3 zip pulls in the front for convenient access.

As far as the construction goes, I have found this sleepsack to be extremely durable over the 6 years I have had one (I've actually had 2 of this model, as one was broken in a play scene, not due to construction issues). The seams are a good amount of overlap, the seams are reinforced where necessary, the internal sleeves go nice and high into the armpit area, and there is ample room in the foot pocket for those with larger feet (This is VERY important for comfort, you will come to realize).  The 2 features that make this one identifiable in my opinion are 1) The large #10 coil zip for the front lending both strength and ease of use due to a large zipper pull. 2) The buckle collar -- This gives the collar area strength and adjustability, however some people find it to be uncomfortable in certain situations (When laying on a large pillow, for example).

From a fitment standpoint, as stated before, I am 5ft11 and around 180lbs, and this sleepsack in a medium fits me amazingly well. It is not too tight anywhere, and in fact has a bit of room for someone who has a bit more weight or a bit more height on them than i do. 

From a comfort standpoint, the only complaint i can find to make is that the collar can interfere with your chin a bit when you are laying on a pillow. Other than that, this sack is amazingly comfortable and i have spent many 4-8 hour sessions sweating in it, or entire nights having a good restful sleep in its embrace.

Affordability-wise, this sleepsack was priced right around 575 dollars when i bought it. This is right on par with the Latex Sleepsack that Mr. S Leather offers, however the Mr. S one is slightly thinner rubber, but of a very similar design. For the money this is definitely a good option for those looking to get a rubber sleepsack that is durable and strong. 

A tip for those who are looking to purchase a rubber sack or already have one: Keep it CLEAN, rinse it each time you use it, use mild soap every 2nd time at a minimum. These sleepsacks will start to smell very bad if you don't keep up with this, and in my experience you will NOT be able to get the smell to totally vacate, once it has taken hold.

PS: With some searching, this model is available elsewhere, but the price appears to have increased a bit. If anyone is curious where to find it, let me know, and I will dig up some links.

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