Monday, November 5, 2012

My Border Crossing

A few months ago, I visited Montreal for a vacation and stayed with Bikermtl for a week. Since i wanted to bring as much gear as possible, and flying was significantly more expensive, I decided that i would drive there rather than fly.

Those that have travelled with me, know that in this regard, I am a bit of a walking statistic. If it is possible to get stopped, i will get stopped.

During the border crossing into Canada, i got the usual questions, and after answering them, surprise surprise, I got sent off to the inspection area. Keep in mind that i was carrying several cases worth of fetish gear for the ride.

I was politely asked to open my car up and unlock all of the doors. After a rather thorough inspection I was asked about a few random items. Here are a few of the more amusing tidbits:

  1. What are these for (Regarding sportbike leathers)? Riding motorcycles, and sex.
  2. What is all of this? Gear for bondage and fetish.
  3. Where did you meet your friend? A latex fetish website.
After asking all of the questions and getting proper answers, they sent me on my way. Not before I noticed the female inspector thumbing through some pretty explicit photos on my ipad, with a HORRIFIED look on her face. Nothing was said though.

Things i took away from this:
  • Be Honest, lies wont help anything (hence my honesty)
  • Be Prepared, they might ask anything
  • Be Organized - in case they DO want to look
I will blog more about the actual experiences in Montreal as time goes on :) 


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