Thursday, November 15, 2012

Leveraging Stories

No, I am probably not going to write stories for this blog (unless they are true). I just happen to lack that particular creative spark to write something that others (or myself) will find stimulating. I have tried it before, and have utterly failed -- there are quite a few things I'm good at, this is not one of them.

That said, I did want to talk about stories -- in particular, a request I make when meeting someone for the first time.

Before I play with someone for the first time, I have made it a common practice to ask them to send me a few stories that they particularly enjoy, or use when they are getting off. Stories can tell you a lot about what gets a persons mind racing -- what gets them hard, and what they might want.

It can be a slippery slope, as a lot of stories contain things that aren't actually feasible to do to someone, unsafe, or things that are more intense than that person is prepared to handle.

Used properly, however, you can leverage these to get 'inside' someones head - both to get them in the headspace and to mind-fuck them.

After all, what would you be thinking if you were suddenly the sub in your favorite story?

Short post, but some food for thought....

ps. Videos and Photos can work just as well, if you find someone who doesn't like reading his porn ;)


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  1. I love the earlier "Waiting for Ross" stories, but could never deal with something quite so extreme. I like a lot of "Brick's" art, especially the ones with the bound or otherwise imprisoned athletes. My favorite, by far, is the line of guys sweating in sweatboxes, and then switched out to hang in what looks for all the world like a meat locker to cool off.

    Any story or art related to layers of coverage, gallons of sweat, or muscular growth (I'm a bodybuilder) get me going. I really love some of the vids on Shotgun Video -- especially the couple where the guy is covered in multiple e-stim pads and twitching all over. I've done -part- of that, but we ran out of boxes, and it was amazing.

    Mummification stories and pics, especially if there's electro involved, just really make me start to fantasize. I've been mummified in multiple layers twice -- the longest for six hours, and I loved it. I want to try 12.