Monday, November 5, 2012

Rocket in the Gimpsuit

In the time i have had the gimpsuit, i have had a lot of folks ask if they could try it. Most of those people get a pretty straight 'no', or i avoid the question altogether. The suit is special to me, and I feel weird letting other people try it.

So far i have let one other person try the suit, and you can probably guess - that person is Rocket.

Earlier this year, I decided that since we have a kinship in regards to rubber and gear, I would like to share this experience with him, and so let him try the suit out for one of our Tuesdays.

While he was in the gimpsuit I got in the latex drysuit and my mohawk hood to top him. Chicagogear was nice enough to take a few photos of us that i think are rather nice, so I thought i would share some here:

For me the gimpsuit really changes my mindset, sometimes i almost feel like a different person in it -- and after trying it and having a bit of a scene and some time to relax in it, Rocket feels the same way about it.

It's interesting how a full coverage garment can be transformative, and sometimes change the way you act.

I would imagine someone like myself could be 'conditioned' with that sort of treatment.


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  1. brilliant pics! i can understand the importance of having a rubber suit to yourself, you worry that the other now wearing it doesnt appreciate it AS much as you do, and are they going to damage it in some way?
    Love the mitts and the spiked hood.