Monday, October 29, 2012

24 Hours in the Gimpsuit

For years now, I have had long term bondage and encasement of various sorts on my bucket-list. One of the top things was doing 24 hours in the gimpsuit. There had been a few attempts that didn't go to completion for various reasons, so until 10-29-2012 this had gone unfulfilled.

Apparently after whining to Rocket enough times that i didn't spend enough time in the gimpsuit, he decided NOW would be the time that I would do my 24 hours. In this particular matter, if I wanted to be obedient, this was not going to be optional -- this required some preparation on my part.

To prepare for my imprisonment, I was told nothing but liquids starting Sunday at noon. This might sound easy, but from start to finish, I had nothing solid, and ate nothing but slimfast. I fast learned to hate the taste of chocolate slimfast drinks -- It didn't take long, after number 3 or so I dreaded them :)

Upon arrival at Rocket's on Monday, I was told that I should clean out, install my electro butt plug, and get in the gimpsuit. We made short work of that, and within 30 minutes or so, i found myself chained to Rocket's bed, with electro in my ass, very immobile. He then told me I was going to drain a fully charged Erostek 312 box with my butt plug (I thought he was kidding). After draining the entire battery he switched it out for another electro unit.

Here is a photo of how I found myself:

After spending about 7 hours like this, he let me up and transferred me to the couch so I could relax. Eventually, he put restraints on my wrists and clipped them together until it was bedtime.

Upon entering the bedroom, i found the bed made up with a rubber sheet, a rubber pillow, and a rubber cover for me to lay under.

It looked amazing!

For sleep, I had wrist restraints and ankle restraints locked close together, with a short chain from my wrists to my ankles and then to the bed. Rocket was nice and let me take my sleeping meds to help me sleep, as i am an insomniac and rarely sleep more than a few hours a night without help.

Regardless of pharmaceutical help, I still only managed to sleep from about midnight to 5am or so, probably due to excitement, anticipation -- I will admit, comfort was never a issue.

Some time after I woke up, I had THE 'moment'. My brain decided that I had enough, and I wanted the fuck out - after thrashing around a bit, and having a little moment of panic, I settled down. Those that know me, know that this is NOT a moment that I will experience very often -- something about it brought it out, and it was amazing.

A large factor contributing to this is one very simple thing -- if i called out to Rocket to come let me out of bondage and the suit (which was not likely), it was pretty much guaranteed that not only would i NOT get out, but he would add bondage, and just generally make my situation more intense.

With that idea dominating my thoughts, I let out a deep sigh, and from there on I was totally in subspace -- I wasn't totally immobile, I wasn't gagged, there was no electro or anything causing me distress, but i was trapped, and had no easy out.

Around 9:30 or so, Rocket came in to see me after he had awoken. He laid with me for awhile, and then tied me spread-eagled to the bed and slowly worked my cock, while I stewed in the final hour of my imprisonment.

Eventually he allowed me to cum for the first time in two weeks -- as a reward for making it the full 24 hours without any issues. After my orgasm, he told me I had another 30 minutes before release.

I was spent, stewing in my own sweat, and still bound tight to the bed.

Rocket suddenly says "I want you to piss."
"On the bed?" I responded
"Yes, on the bed." He says.

I pissed all over myself, and onto the rubber covered bed as Rocket slowly brought himself to orgasm over my bound form. It was an amazing ending to an amazing 24 hours.

Not only had I successfully completed my 24 hours in the gimpsuit, but I had done it with a plug in for the entire duration. I broke 2 barriers with this experience -- Longest time with a butt plug, and longest time in full coverage.

All in all, it was one of the more memorable experiences I've had. The only thing that worries me is his words shortly after i was released -- "I guess 48 hours is next."

There were a few unexpected side effects of this imprisonment:

1) I have a HUGE affinity with the gimpsuit (more so than before)
2) That was the BEST lunch I've ever had.
3) That was the BEST shower I've ever had :)
4) I HATE slimfast, but it's worth it (can one have a slimfast fetish)


  1. I recommend either IsoPure clear protein drinks or one of the bodybuilding whey protein powders instead -- much better tasting than slimfast.


  2. Fantastic description of a hot scene. On my bucket list.

  3. Fantastic description of a hot scene. On my bucket list.

  4. Fantastic description of a hot scene. On my bucket list.