Thursday, October 11, 2012

What Does a Collar Mean to Me?

The first thing that comes to mind when posed the question is Trust, simply put.

When one considers it, trust (in this particular regard, especially) is very much a two-way street. By wearing a collar for Rocket, it shows that i trust him, and trust him to make decisions for me, both in and out of play. Conversely by putting his collar on me, it shows that he trusts me to be obedient, honest and open. I will admit, this is a poor way to put words to it, but I am doing the best I can. 

A collar also signifies ownership -- not ownership as in 'property',  specifically (though that is certainly one of the meanings involved). I am speaking of ownership as an emotional and physical bond between the wearer and the owner - something that transcends verbalization. 

In my opinion, a collar is an achievement, a milestone -- the BDSM/Fetish equivalent of an engagement or wedding ring. This is more than simply a fashion accessory, it is trust, ownership,  a sense of belonging, and of safety. 

When we met, were either of us 'driving' toward a collar relationship? In a word -- no. 

Something that makes this even more meaningful for me, is the fact that Rocket identifies as mostly sub/passive. What this means to me is that, although he identifies as mostly submissive, he feels strongly enough about wanting me to belong to him, that he is willing to pursue a relationship in this way. It is a big decision :) 

A very special thanks is also due to Reddywhp, who is Rocket's long time partner, and without his blessing, this arrangement would not have been possible. He is a great guy, an experienced player and a huge computer nerd ;) I look forward to spending more time with him as well.

Have no worries, I fully intend on topping Rocket frequently…. after all, it IS my job to make him happy.

Stay tuned for more blogs -- one of my rules of ownership is that I must blog twice a week, and I plan to obey.


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  1. Really pleased for you and Rocket - and thank you for giving such an insight on what it means to you, its inspiring!. I'll look forward to reading your bi-weekly posts :p