Friday, January 6, 2012

S10 Lens Swap Procedure

This is going to be a complicated blog post, and long, but here it goes:

1) Start with your regular old S10 mask or hood

2) Pry the locking ring off from the outside of the mask (Be VERY careful not to damage the ring or mask!)

3) Pull the lens assembly out through the INSIDE of the mask

4) Lay your parts out

5) Seperate the lens from the base and inner lock ring by pushing the lens out, while pulling the ring back with your fingers

5) Seperate all the parts from the lens assembly Lock Ring, Lens, O-Ring, Base Plate

6) Swap your lens for your tinted lens

7) The re-assembly is the reverse of installation.

Some Tips:
  • Getting the outer ring back on to hold the lens in the mask can be HARD
  • The lens itself can be swapped while in the mask, simply by following the procedure to push the lens and inner ring out, as in step 5. This could simplify the process if you feel safer doing it this way.
  • Don't forget the O-ring, or breath control wont work well :)
  • Whatever you use to pry the ring back, make sure its not sharp, and BE CAREFUL

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