Sunday, January 8, 2012

Replacement S10 Tinted Lenses

Having had at no less than 3 Recon messages, 4 Gearfetish messages, and half a dozen twitter messages about it, i figured i would elaborate on the actual lenses used to replace the factory ones in an S10 of FM12.

Initially i was going to give a whole how-to on how one would get/craft these and then install them.

That said, the process of actually crafting the lenses is probably beyond what most people want to manage, or can -- from a fabrication standpoint.

As far as the construction, I will leave the process up to the imagination of those who are crafty -- the lenses themselves can be made from Acrylic or Polycarbonate, use a caliper to determine the thickness required.

I will warn, if you undertake the project of making your own -- both acrylic and polycarbonate are hard to cut in a perfect circle, especially one with exact measurements for lens replacement. They also scratch and chip fairly easily.

For those interested, once i refine the procedure, I DO plan to offer pre-tinted lenses in a variety of darknesses for sale to folks, as well as offer installation of the lenses for those who arent brave enough to undertake the project. Pricing for both of these is TBD at this point.

PS. If someone is brave enough and has the tools required to make their own lenses, i might be persuaded to share a little of my process, but im not going to hand the whole thing to you ;)


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