Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rockets Birthday Party

It just so happens that Rocket's birthday falls on the 1st - a new years perv.

This year was a milestone for him (I won't say which..) so his partner Reddywhp and myself wanted to do something special for him.

What better than a surprise party -- with gear encouraged!

All told the attendance was around 40 people (which is a good amount at the house). I beleive (Don't quote me) that the farthest travelled to get here was around 300 miles... Unless you count the Canadian Furry :)

In the end Rocket got all tied up on the bondage table, and having had a thorough birthday spanking before he got here, he got a birthday teasing with Rubberkai taking the role of the dungeon master for the evening

Here's a quick and humorous photo of Rocket enjoying his birthday

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