Thursday, January 19, 2012

Announcing My Intentions

I have had several people inquire about purchasing things that I have been making, and what my intentions are for my recent developments. To avoid any confusion or speculation I will go ahead and just answer it right here....

The short answer is yes, I do intend to start production, and put up a website.

The longer answer is yes, but I am not sure when yet -- there is still much to do. I need to develop the patterns further from what i have worked up so far, I need to order a massive amount of hardware and supplies which is going to take an injection of capital and I need to get a point of sale and distribution ready.

The site I can work up on my own, or with the help of JohnnyGear, who also happens to be my roommate's boy.

The pattern work just takes time, which is in short supply since I also work a full time job -- I do not plan on rushing this at all, I want my items to be of quality, though my pricing will likely be lower than some of the comparable items out there. If anyone has interesting ideas for gear creations, or pattern improvements/tweaks, I am always interested and willing to listen.

The capital ... that's a little harder, after all I have my bills to pay, and my other habits to support, such as my technology habit, and my gear habit (after all, i cant make EVERYTHING I use).

What do I plan to offer? Latex Gear - predominantly catsuits, sleepsacks, straitjackets as well as custom gear. Additionally heavy rubber gear like the muzzle, cuffs and collars you have already seen.

My intention is to get the site up (in the dark, so to speak) in the first half of this year, at the latest, so it is ready to go.

Perhaps you will see me vend at MIR this year as well, though thats a bit of a way off, and a lot can happen between now and then.


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