Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Year Anniversary

This is my one-year anniversary of not blogging -- and I'm back. After some encouragement from several people that want me to write on this blog, and hear about what im up to, I am going to commit to writing here regularly.

This installment will be short and sweet, but i suppose i will start with some recent projects/events.

1) The finishing of the basement playroom
2) Building the bondage table
3) IML and points between
4) My recent trip to San Francisco, and to the Serious Bondage Institute

Look tomorrow for the full playroom write-up, but for now here is a sneak preview of the space.


  1. Welcome back! looking forward to reading the blog :-) If ya ever need a victim to put in that playroom you know how to get in contact with me :-) *wags*

  2. Welcome back bark bark :) will be happy to aid in many more pics of the play room in use with multiple victims >:)