Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bonus Post -- 665 Sleepsack, One Year Later

It's interesting that it has been over a year since i posted, but on the positive side of the coin, ive had some time to use the 665 Sleepsack a good bit. At this point i stand by my review posted earlier, it has held up well, and though the construction is a bit odd, it does its job VERY well, its comfortable, and is stretchy enough to fit a range of sizes -- and at a budget price.

Now that the formalities are over, here are a few photos of an adorable pup (Pup Striker) I lured into the playroom, and hope to spend more time with ... he just happens to be in the 665 sleepsack and the mr-s leather isolation hood :)


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  1. Stunning.... and delicious to be so deprived. One lucky slave.....