Friday, June 24, 2011

Fuck Machine

So I've had a rather open-ended (lol) Fucking Machine project going on for a long time. Ive been working on this machine for a few years now -- collecting parts, and bits to make a functional machine. All along I have thought the process should be easier than it is, to come up with something like this. So with that said, once I've completed this machine (I have a functional model now, but its rough around the edges) I am going to make a complete parts list of what you need to put one together yourself.

Granted you will need to have a decent collection of tools, a space to assemble it, and some general know how of fabricating.

Here are the VERY basics you need to create the motion:
1) A motor -- DC gear motors work best, because they take speed control smoothly -- mine is a 1/8HP 90VDC Gear Motor
2) An Eccentric/Flywheel -- this turns the turning motion into a 'cranking' motion. I will illustrate this better in another post.
3) A Pushrod -- this connects the Eccentric to the Linear Rod, converting the rotation of the eccentric, into an angular motion
4) A linear rod or slide -- this converts the angular motion from the pushrod into straight line motion (i.e. fucking) -- for this i used a drawer slide, they are quiet, cheap, and generally have nice bearings.
5) A toy holder, i used a Vac-U-Loc attachment
6) A speed control -- these arent too hard to find, some are better than others. Ill provide a part number in a future post.

As far as the basics go, that is it -- the tricky part is how they all go together to create the motion. These parts, assembled properly, will create the fucking motion you are accustomed to seeing.

This guy is a GREAT resource for parts (admittedly i source a lot locally on ebay, but he has a few pieces that are absolutely the best you can get):

This site has a few pics that illustrate things nicely:
You will notice the machine in the above site uses a large teflon linear bearing with a linear roundbar -- this is very slick, but it could be more expensive.

For your rail geek types, the motion a motor uses to drive a fucking machine is physically opposite of the way a steam engine drives its wheels -- I'll bet you will never think of steam engines the same lol

This one is mostly wood, but illustrates the motion VERY nicely:

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  1. Hello Sir, thats the best post i've seen. Can you tell me if i can buy the Eccentric and the Flywheel on eBay? I didn't find it. Thank you so much, B.R. Rodrigo Maia.