Tuesday, June 22, 2010

665 Sleepsack Review

I know i keep promising the review of the affordable 665 neoprene sleepsack, and as promised, here it is.

Fit: I am 5ft11 and 175lbs, and the medium fits me nice and snug, just as it should be. The fitment guide that they show on the site seems to be pretty accurate, and the item is definitley as represented.

Features: The features list of this sleepsack is short, but desirable:
Internal sleeves that seem to be SLIGHTLY too short, but still prove effective at the purpose they were made for.
An Ass zip that offers access to that part of the anatomy for those sorts of activities.
A short front zip that ends about navel height -- this makes getting in the sleepsack a bit tricky, but still easy enough.
A cock access zip that is well placed, and quite usable.

Construction: The neoprene is a slightly thinner grade than what youd see on the more expensive sleepsacks. The construction is exclusively stitching from what i can see, as it lacks the gluing that some of the neoprene models have. The zippers are a little undersized, and the locking zip heads have a tendency to backslide, so be careful with those.

Overall: Overall this is a great sleepsack for the price -- the features and amount of fun that one can have with this one more than exceed that of my darlex sleepsack for the price. Keep in mind though, that for 200 dollars, the attention to detail isn't exactly top-shelf, so when you have a problem with it from being a bit too vigorous, or after years of use, keep that in mind.

Here's a quick pic and a link, taken from the 665 website, though i believe Fort Troff is carrying this piece of gear as well now.



  1. Hi !
    Hi ! I have few questions.
    Is this sleepsack is unescapable ? Do you recommend it for a first one ?

    To make a long story short, I'am an huge straitjacket fan, so I'am use to struggle a lot : does it will resist ?

    Your post is really instructive ! Thank a lot !

  2. Hey. So... unless i've done something really out there with the tape measure i'm shorter and scrawnier than you, and i just don't see how this thing is meant to get over the shoulders without tearing stitches or buggering the zip. Am i massively underestimating the stretch on this thing? O_o

  3. I have worn this exact suit mentioned. It was the first sleepsack I have worn and I am loving it. I am 5'6" and it fits me like a glove. Its an amazing material and I can't wait to get to try it on again....hopefully for a longer time....*evil grin*