Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking Back on Padded Gear Experiments

Making padded gear has proven itself to be a very interesting experiment, and I thought i would share my thoughts on it.

  • Loose polyfill seems to be a good compromise between firmness and the feel of 'air'
  • Trapping just the right amount of air in the cavity can be a difficult dance
  • Too much air makes it feel like a balloon, and pushes the seams apart under heavy force
  • Not enough air feels too firm, like a piece of cheap carpet padding
  • Polyfill does not take rubber cement well enough to 'adhere' to latex, so to speak
  • Compacting the fill as you glue the seams is NOT as hard as it would seem
My ultimate goal with this is to make padded mitts similar to the Mr-s padded mitts, or a hood similar to the Puffy Hood. EVENTUALLY I would like to make a full padded suit -- the ultimate collision between latex and down/padded gear -- Visually I'm not sure if it would be horny, or evoke visions of the Michelin man, but i think it would be really stimulating to wear....

I'm not quite sure what other directions one could take this, but admittedly, making this is a lot like making inflatable gear, so the possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Friday, December 23, 2011


I planned on updating this every day for 30 days, but the holidays and visiting family are likely to interfere.

I'll be back with more after the Christmas


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sleeping In Sleepsacks

Those of you that know me, are aware that this is something that is very appealing to me, and that I do frequently.

First, Why?

I think there are a lot of reasons for this, foremost being that it is a fairly restrictive, yet comfortable position to lay in. I am someone who likes to be totally covered up, aside from my head, when I am sleeping, so the coverage of the sleepsack is a perfect alternative to blankets.

Additionally, I love the feeling of waking up, with the tight rubber all around, and my arms comfortably yet securely in the sleeves of the sack. Theres something very comforting about the entire situation, as well as sexually stimulating.


For me, sleeping in a sleepsack is not entirely a sexual experience -- admittedly i am far more likely to get into the sack for bed if I am horny. There are a lot of theories about why the squeeze of the latex is comforting for many people.

For more information regarding this, read about trance suits, or hug suits -- often for autistic patients, as a treatment: I suspect the effect it has on me, is the same soothing and calming effect as it does on those patients.

How do you last 5-10 hours in a sleepsack?

A good question, I havent been able to last 8 hours as reliably as i could when i was sleeping in the sack more, but there are a few key points:

  • Lube your arms and shoulders well, this is where problems often arise
  • When getting in the sack, make sure the shoulder seams of the sack are even with the middle of your shoulder (this can be HARD on rubber sacks, but its IMPORTANT)
  • Choose a sack design with a large enough foot area, what starts out tolerable can soon become extremely painful
  • Control the temperature of the room, for me around 66 degrees tends to be comfortable while in a sleepsack for a long period
  • Stack your pillows so that you have 'options' as to head angle and placement (this is hard to do once you are zipped in the sack)
  • Be calm, enjoy the sensation, close your eyes and feel the experience -- once you can enjoy the sensation, you have a much better chance of achieving sleep
  • Practice -- It took me more than a year of sleeping in a sleepsack 2-3 times per week to get to where I could truly get a good nights sleep (Chicagogear can vouch for this, he helped me in most of those nights)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How I Became Rubberfreak

Back in the earlier days of my kink-exploration, when recon and gearfetish were interesting, but didn't seem to be a great place to meet local people, there was In my late teens, the Chicago - Leather room was my normal haunt during evenings even into my early college days.

In those days, I used to go by another name on -- I *think* it was something pretty vanilla, containing my initials and a date -- pretty normal stuff. As I descended further and further into my fetish obsession, I started putting progressively more and more perverted photos of me, until the ultimate culmination: A photo of me, the first time I ever got to try on a full catsuit, and a gasmask.

It was at this point that I encountered a particularly amusing and judgemental gay. Normal folks when they see something they don't like, or doesnt appeal to them move on to other profiles ... not this guy! The conversation went something like this, as I remember it:

him: What is that in your pic?
me: A latex catsuit, and a gasmask, it was awesome
him: Is that some sort of costume?
me: No, it's for sex, I have a rubber fetish
him: So you are some kind of rubber freak then?
me: Yep, pretty much
him: That's pretty fucked up
me: Thanks :)
(he closes the chat)

I was so amused by this, that shortly after, I changed my name, and started posting  nothing but rubber-involved photos to me profile. My popularity both soared and fell massively -- I can actually say i feel like i enjoyed a bit of notoriety from it, for a short time.

This entire encounter was actually, for some strange reason, a game changer for me -- I fully embraced my perversion and eschewed the vanilla, for my darker interests from then on.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog -- hopefully some of you are going to be enjoying some pervy holidays with your partners/playmates!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fetters Leather Sleepsack Review

Next up in the sleepsack reviews im going to change it up a bit, and review a Leather sleepsack -- from Fetters Specifically.

This sleepsack is different, in that it is in a different category pricewise from the other sacks i have reviewed thus far. This sleepsack, with the options I ordered, came in to the tune of just under two thousand dollars.

As ordered, my sack is a size Large, with Nipple Flaps, a Rear Access Zip, and the Body Belts -- all of these tend to add to the versatility of the sleepsack in one way or another.

The fit of the sack is maybe a little bigger than stated in the size chart in my opinion, as Fetters themselves sized me out for a large, and i feel it could be a little smaller. 

The construction of the sack is one of the best points -- this is made with good quality soft leather, heavy stitching, good zippers, and large rivets where required. This is definitely one piece you do not have to worry about damaging during a play scene, or as the captive.

For those of you that have been in a rubber sack, but never a leather one, it is an entirely different experience … more restrictive, more inescapable, equally sweaty i would say, but not as slimy slippery -- personally i tend to prefer rubber over leather, but some scenes just demand the durability that leather lends.

To sum up my thoughts about the sack: 

This is a great quality sack, but you will pay a premium for it
After 2 years of use, mine has held up very well to suspension and abuse
This is definitely one sack that you will only need to buy one time

No earth shattering surprises here

Monday, December 19, 2011

Chastity Goals

I have been into chastity for a long time -- since i was probably 16 years old -- After toying with some homemade devices, I got my first device through a friend at 18 years old … it was a well-loved Tollyboy (Remember those?) chastity belt. 

Considering how custom these belts are, the fit was better than either of us could have hoped… It fit well around the waist (I had probably a 28" waist at the time), and the measurement through the crotch, as well as the penis tube were a good fit. 

After a trial run, I let him keep the keys to it for 2 weeks at a time. Admittedly it was very stimulating to go to college classes, knowing those around me had no idea that i was wearing steel chastity locked on. As a boy of college years, with my sex-drive pent up, naturally i began to develop attractions to some of the guys i went to school with (as you might expect).

This went on for about 6 months, wearing the belt on and off -- it definitley wet my appetite for chastity (a hobby which i definitley couldnt afford). 

Ok, im rambling -- I told this story to talk about my goals involving chastity. 

Soon i will be ordering a secure, and very wearable chastity device from Steelworxx -- The Looker 03 for those that are interested. I plan on breaking my previous chastity record.

My current record stands at 45 days in chastity with frequent teasings and cleanings, and plenty of bondage any time my cock was unlocked. 

Currently I think my goal is going to be 60 days once im adjusted, and then up from there -- I am going to use the blog as a chastity dictionary while i am under lock and key, so it should prove amusing for everyone.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A-Stars Latex Experiment

Not to be brand-ist, here is an A-Star applique in latex as well:

If anyone has any requests or ideas for other Logos/Appliques i should try, hit me here or on Twitter (at)rubberfreak

Latest Experiment

I decided to see if i could cut out a latex Dainese logo, since im so singularly obsessed with their products.

Here are the results:

Not totally perfect, but a good start -- would definitley make a nice applique for a catsuit or a shirt :)

Also, I am working on padded rubber gear, similar to the puffy hood and puffy mitts from Mr-s ... this is harder than one would think, but I have some ideas how to pull it off...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Revenge upon Rocket (Video)

Just a bit of video from the post below about torturing Rocket, Enjoy!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wanted: FM12 Tinted Outsert Lenses

My gimpsuit came equipped with an FM12 mask, rather than an S10 mask. The difference being the eye pieces for the FM12 are significantly smaller.

I am looking for someone who is selling, or has a source for the Tinted Outsert Lenses for an FM12 mask

Please get in contact with me here or on twitter (at)rubberfreak

Folsom Street Fair

The last few years I have made it a point to attend Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco -- This year was particularly interesting for me as I got to wear the gimpsuit out on the street for the first time.

I stayed with Rubberboi and his partner at a hotel a few blocks down the street, so I have a bit of a walk to get there. He was nice enough to zip me up in the gimpsuit, help me get my camelback (which hooks to the drinking tube on the FM12 mask) and get my newly purchased bulldog harness on.

I left the hotel fully zipped into the gimpsuit, which made the walk down to the fair amusing and we got a lot of looks, as Rubberboi was also in full coverage.

The temperature was fantastic, at around 75 degrees, not too sunny -- perfect for a day out on the street in full coverage latex.

Here are a few photos of Rubberboi and myself from around the fair:

And here are a few photos that I found on flickr of myself and Rubberboi:

Thanks to Rubberboi and his partner for a great time while I was out for Folsom! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Topping Rocket

After the cath scene on Monday, I figured it was time for a bit of revenge on Rocket.

Rather than type of a whole involved post about exactly what we did, heres a summary: Electro, Bondage Table, Full Coverage Rubber, Breath Control -- The necessities!

Without further introduction, here are some photos of the scene

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Making a List

No, not a christmas list, but a play wish list (these may be the same for some of us)

For those of us fortunate enough to have a regular play partner, just exactly what to do to each other can sometimes become a bit of a problem. Obviously we don't want to repeat the same scene over and over and over, and most of us have fantasies we want fulfilled. There IS a way to make this work, still have unexpected scenes each time, and live some of your desires.

Rocket and I came up with a solution soon after he moved to Chicago, thanks to none other than Google Docs. It's really quite simple... Each person keeps a list of activities that they would like to be subjected to (the best way for this to work, is take your wildest fantasies, figure out how one would live them out, and put these ideas down in a document). Once you have your list, you simply share it with your playmate.

Now whenever you play, if the person in charge wants to give you a new or intense experience, this list comes into play. It gives them a 'menu' of items to choose from, to implement one, or multiple of your desires.

For me, this makes the play more enjoyable from both roles for a few reasons:

  1. You get to help your friend live their fantasies (Trust me, this is hot)
  2. The connection and intensity is much greater
  3. As a top, you get to subject someone to something you KNOW they want, but may never ask for
A few key points here:
  • If you don't actually want it, do NOT put it on the list
  • Anything on the list is fair game, safety and time permitting
  • Always and Continuously Update YOUR List
  • Feel free to suggest items for a friends list, you think they might like
I have found that often I will see something on his list, and add it to my own, or vice versa.

If anyone else has a system that they use with friends that they like, I would love to hear about it! Comment here or hit me up on Twitter at (at)rubberfreak.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You're Putting WHAT Down My WHAT?

So as promised, here is a blog post about my play experience last night with RocketPup.

He has come to stay with us for a few days while some work is done on his place, so we had a good opportunity to get in some gear and perversion.

After spending part of the day yesterday running errands and getting some work done, we decided in the afternoon it would be a good time to gear up and have some fun. Originally we suggested getting in some gear and just hanging out as we were both a bit worn down, but as is the way of things, once the gear was out, we were no longer tired -- go figure.

Let me start off by saying that the cath scene is something that Rocket and I had discussed before, so I knew that this was coming at SOME point, just not when. I did, however suspect that it was going to be over the next few days.

Once i was in my gimpsuit and strapped securely to the table, he held up 2 catheters and told me to choose one (I later learned that one was a gauge larger than the other). After some blue electro bands were  attached to my cock, we were ready to begin... Wellll, I'm not sure i was ready, but there is no backing out at this point, my desire to be cath'd for a scene was in writing.....

So to the point: What does it feel like to be catheterized?

It's really not something that is easily described -- it feels somewhat like being sounded, but at the same time it is a different sensation. One interesting sensation is having the urethra pre-lubed -- a syringe of sterile lube is injected in (this feels like pissing cold water, backwards). Once the cath gets to the area where you are closer to the bladder, it becomes different -- much different! As it gets deep in the urinary tract, you start to feel like you have to pee, there is a quick pinch of pain as it passes into your bladder, and then you feel like you are urinating (which if your bladder was full, you would be). Once the balloon is inflated on the cath, you are effectively controlled....

Back to the scene itself.... Once the catheter was in, the blue bands were put into place, and the electro was turned on, and I started to get hard. This is an interesting sensation and visual (there is mirror above the bondage table, so i got to see EVERYTHING)... the sensation of my cock getting hard, as i watched it 'climb' the cath was very stimulating, admittedly.

After about 2 hours of electro, breath control, bondage, rubber, and the cath being worked in and out of my cock (this also feels pretty intense), I felt something... I wasn't really sure what, but I didn't wonder for long -- I could feel the waves and spasms of an impending orgasm. I'm fairly sure I screamed (not in pain, or at least not ALL in pain) my way through the orgasm as this was a bit more intense than what a normal orgasm usually feels like.

Rocket was pretty nice to me after that and turned the electro down, and gave me a chance to relax a bit, but I did stay on the table for awhile. Eventually I was un-catheterized, and let up off the table, though he did take the opportunity to get me hard a few more times (he likes to leave me hornier after the scene than I started it).

Things I learned:

  1. I can cum with a catheter in!!! 
  2. Having a catheter put in is quite stimulating actually (if you like urethral play especially)
  3. Having a catheter removed is even more stimulating (I promise, you have to feel it to understand)
  4. Apparently I need to drink more water :)
And what everyone is looking for, here are a few pics from the scene:

Monday, December 12, 2011


No lengthy blog post today, I've been a bit busy. Today was a first for me, rocketpup catheterized me today. I wont describe the experience in detail here, but it was intense. Tomorrow I will post about it, and give photos and details.

Suffice it to say that I can manage to ejaculate, even with a catheter in me.

Stay Tuned - More Updates on the backlog!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Rubber Craft Intro (Part 1)

I have had a couple questions about just exactly what is needed to start taking a stab at learning rubbercraft.

These are the things that are imperitave to get started:
1) A very sharp pair of scissors
2) Rubber Cement (I Prefer Best Test Paper Cement for Experiments)
3) Thinner/Cleaner (Bestine is a good choice, or you can use Heptane/Mineral Spirits in a pinch)
4) Scrap Rubber (Start by buying a yard or so of .33mm - .45mm latex, in any color)
5) A seam roller (or you can use your fingers)
6) A work area (Kitchen Table, Folding Table, Workbench)

1) A rotary cutter (45mm is a good size for curves, 60mm for straights)
2) A cutting mat (this will save the edge on your rotary cutter, it does make a big difference)

Check out the Making Latex Clothes tutorial videos for a bit of good info on gluing straight lines and curves, and go practice. The one thing that this is going to take more than anything to learn is TIME! I have been at this for a couple years now, and am just starting to get a handle on things.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Extreme Restraints Sleepsack (No Longer Available)

Continuing the sleepsack reviews, I'm moving on to reviewing the latex sleepsack from Extreme Restraints.

This was my first experience with latex sleepsacks, so it sticks in my memory a bit. This sleepsack is fairly heavy (Around .8mm i beleive), and has no extras to speak of. It is basic, front entry, and has a buckle collar and 3 zip pulls in the front for convenient access.

As far as the construction goes, I have found this sleepsack to be extremely durable over the 6 years I have had one (I've actually had 2 of this model, as one was broken in a play scene, not due to construction issues). The seams are a good amount of overlap, the seams are reinforced where necessary, the internal sleeves go nice and high into the armpit area, and there is ample room in the foot pocket for those with larger feet (This is VERY important for comfort, you will come to realize).  The 2 features that make this one identifiable in my opinion are 1) The large #10 coil zip for the front lending both strength and ease of use due to a large zipper pull. 2) The buckle collar -- This gives the collar area strength and adjustability, however some people find it to be uncomfortable in certain situations (When laying on a large pillow, for example).

From a fitment standpoint, as stated before, I am 5ft11 and around 180lbs, and this sleepsack in a medium fits me amazingly well. It is not too tight anywhere, and in fact has a bit of room for someone who has a bit more weight or a bit more height on them than i do. 

From a comfort standpoint, the only complaint i can find to make is that the collar can interfere with your chin a bit when you are laying on a pillow. Other than that, this sack is amazingly comfortable and i have spent many 4-8 hour sessions sweating in it, or entire nights having a good restful sleep in its embrace.

Affordability-wise, this sleepsack was priced right around 575 dollars when i bought it. This is right on par with the Latex Sleepsack that Mr. S Leather offers, however the Mr. S one is slightly thinner rubber, but of a very similar design. For the money this is definitely a good option for those looking to get a rubber sleepsack that is durable and strong. 

A tip for those who are looking to purchase a rubber sack or already have one: Keep it CLEAN, rinse it each time you use it, use mild soap every 2nd time at a minimum. These sleepsacks will start to smell very bad if you don't keep up with this, and in my experience you will NOT be able to get the smell to totally vacate, once it has taken hold.

PS: With some searching, this model is available elsewhere, but the price appears to have increased a bit. If anyone is curious where to find it, let me know, and I will dig up some links.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Playroom Music

Something that I have been thinking a lot about lately is music for the playroom setting, since I have been starting to use the playroom a bit more. I decided it would be nice to share my thoughts with others on the topic, and perhaps lay down a basic set of guidelines for what makes music 'suitable' for this setting.

A few things I've considered:
1) The music should have little to no vocals (preferably none), this is distracting.
2) It should carry a fairly steady beat, ranging from moderately fast to moderately slow, with not too many abrupt tempo changes.
3) Volume is key, so the volume should not change rapidly or with too much variation
4) Avoid noises that in another setting might eventually become an annoyance (sirens, squeals, very low rumbles, etc)
5) It is best if the music runs together a bit from song-to-song, to more easily lose track of time.

The music that ive found that seems to fit this best, is Techno/Dance/Electronica/Trance, for obvious reasons. I have a few selections that i like in the playroom right now, but am looking to expand.

I'll pose this question here, respond in comments and perhaps we can get a bit of a dialogue going: What music do you suggest for the playroom (either artist/album or genre). Additionally what traits do you find defines good play setting music?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crafting and My Work Area

Recently I have had quite a few people ask about my work area for crafting, so I thought i would blog about it a bit...

 Let me start with some background -- to put it mildly, I do a lot: Welding, Carpentry, Upholstery, Sewing, Leather, Rubber and Neoprene Craft. I am not an amazing crafter at any of these, not earth shattering by any means, just merely competent. What I have no lack of, is crazy ideas for ways to make gear better, more interesting, more perverse.

 My work area consists of 3 discrete areas:
1) The Rubber / Cutting Area - This area is where i have my 6 foot table, a large cutting mat and and assortment of tools of the trade for my projects.

2) The 'Hardware' Table - This table is dedicated to presses, punches and open area to wrangle various materials into interesting things... grommeting, installing lock posts, punching holes, riveting. Pretty much anything that requires hardware, I do here, on this hideous (and hopefully soon to be replaced) woodgrain 4 foot table.

3) The Sewing Area - This area consists of a large industrial sewing machine in a 4 foot table, as well as another sewing machine that has more diverse stitching, but can not sew latigo and heavier leather hides, biothane, etc.

Here are a few photos of my area with captions below:

 These are my utensils: Brushes, scissors, rotary cutters, punches, seam rollers, tape, guides, etc

This is simply my large cutting mat, with a few recent pieces of work sitting on it.

Supplies: Glue, Solvent, Tape, Alcohol and small hardware

An ample supply of mostly scrap latex, leather, biothane and nylon webbing.

Larger hardware: Buckles, D-Rings, Keepers, etc

New Latex, in a few colors

This is my machine, it does rivets, grommets, snaps, basically everything you need

Above are my 2 sewing machines. A Juki industrial machine for the heavy stuff, and an old Elgin for more complicated stitches, and things other than a straight stitch.

That about wraps it up for today. If anyone has any questions about the work area or any specifics, hit me up on here, or on Twitter as @rubberfreak and i would be happy to share more details about the craft. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Gimpsuit

I figured i would share a few shots of my custom Blackstyle suit that friends have labelled "The Gimpsuit".

A bit cliche, but the idea for this suit came to me in a dream. Strangely it was not a sex dream, but it was one of those where you dream that you have woken up. Personally, this always leads me to have trouble determining if im actually awake or not.

In the dream I 'awoke' in this suit. I felt the rubber around me, I could see through the gas mask lenses. From a tactile standpoint, it was obvious that I was totally encased in something. Taking stock of my surroundings I quickly noted that my hands were trapped into some 'ball' shaped rubber mitts that were very thick, and there was something in my hands preventing me from closing them. My first instinct was to try to remove the suit (Why would I want to do that, this is NOT something my rational self would normally do lol) and I discovered that, although there were zipper pulls, they did not seem to be movable. I was effectively trapped. At this point the dream got weird, as I decided i would just go on about my business, and proceeded to go do everyday mundane things until I woke up.

After waking up (for real this time) I took note of what i had just experienced, and took it as a sign that I must have this suit. I contacted Blackstyle for the work, and a nice credit transaction and 30 agonizing days later, the suit was finally mine!

Here are a couple photos of the suit in action, and it has quickly become one of my favorite toys

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My SeriousMaleBondage Experience

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Most Recent Creation

Yes, i know this is a goofy creation, but i thought id share it anyway.

My first inflatable item:

Its just an inflatable latex ball -- it was an experiment to prove my seaming techniques and adhesives

Finding my Mojo

A bit cliche of a phrase 'Finding my Mojo' especially since those damn movies came out ....

That aside, I do seem to have my drive back. Recently a friend has been transplanted along with his partner (Rocket/ScubaCCS and Reddy) to Chicago. Since his moving here I have spent more time on the bike, in gear, and making and thinking about gear designs than I had in the last two years.

I am not embarrassed to attribute this mostly to Rocket, and his singular fixation on gear that generally mirrors my own. Because he and I both have this fixation, my mind turns increasingly to more interesting/heavy/perverse gear, and ways to use and create it. Those of you who know he and I know that we both have a reputation for wearing headgear more often than not, and full-coverage is a uniform and not really an option in a play setting.

I am lucky, as i have a regular Tuesday appointment to be resident office-gimp while he works from home -- it involves spending a lot of time in rubber and restraints, and requires occasional discomfort -- my ideal job indeed.

Since getting my motivation back, I have done a lot of modifications and creations in the playroom. Recent additions include hanging a set of speakers for playroom music, along with an amp, a rack for the straps that are used upon the bondage table, and a mirror, so that an immobile victim can enjoy the view of itself.

Here are a few gear photos from some of the recent playtime and sportbike rides

I'm Famous .... Maybe

A point of interest for me:

Recently I have attempted to introduce myself to new people, only to find out that somehow, my reputation had preceded me. The reactions to my introduction are along the lines of "Of course i know who you are" or "You're RubberFreak aren't you?".

This is odd for me, as for a long time I have sort of tried to stay low, under the radar per-se. I don't really have a problem with this, it just takes some getting used to. It seems as i repair more and more gear, and create more and more, my name gets out there -- It's actually refreshing in a way.

Moving forward i am going to use this blog not only to show photos and thoughts, but also to showcase what I've been up to as far as creating gear. Starting tonight i am going to take some shots of what i have been working on recently, and get folks thoughts and comments about it.