Friday, June 24, 2011

Fuck Machine

So I've had a rather open-ended (lol) Fucking Machine project going on for a long time. Ive been working on this machine for a few years now -- collecting parts, and bits to make a functional machine. All along I have thought the process should be easier than it is, to come up with something like this. So with that said, once I've completed this machine (I have a functional model now, but its rough around the edges) I am going to make a complete parts list of what you need to put one together yourself.

Granted you will need to have a decent collection of tools, a space to assemble it, and some general know how of fabricating.

Here are the VERY basics you need to create the motion:
1) A motor -- DC gear motors work best, because they take speed control smoothly -- mine is a 1/8HP 90VDC Gear Motor
2) An Eccentric/Flywheel -- this turns the turning motion into a 'cranking' motion. I will illustrate this better in another post.
3) A Pushrod -- this connects the Eccentric to the Linear Rod, converting the rotation of the eccentric, into an angular motion
4) A linear rod or slide -- this converts the angular motion from the pushrod into straight line motion (i.e. fucking) -- for this i used a drawer slide, they are quiet, cheap, and generally have nice bearings.
5) A toy holder, i used a Vac-U-Loc attachment
6) A speed control -- these arent too hard to find, some are better than others. Ill provide a part number in a future post.

As far as the basics go, that is it -- the tricky part is how they all go together to create the motion. These parts, assembled properly, will create the fucking motion you are accustomed to seeing.

This guy is a GREAT resource for parts (admittedly i source a lot locally on ebay, but he has a few pieces that are absolutely the best you can get):

This site has a few pics that illustrate things nicely:
You will notice the machine in the above site uses a large teflon linear bearing with a linear roundbar -- this is very slick, but it could be more expensive.

For your rail geek types, the motion a motor uses to drive a fucking machine is physically opposite of the way a steam engine drives its wheels -- I'll bet you will never think of steam engines the same lol

This one is mostly wood, but illustrates the motion VERY nicely:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bonus Post -- 665 Sleepsack, One Year Later

It's interesting that it has been over a year since i posted, but on the positive side of the coin, ive had some time to use the 665 Sleepsack a good bit. At this point i stand by my review posted earlier, it has held up well, and though the construction is a bit odd, it does its job VERY well, its comfortable, and is stretchy enough to fit a range of sizes -- and at a budget price.

Now that the formalities are over, here are a few photos of an adorable pup (Pup Striker) I lured into the playroom, and hope to spend more time with ... he just happens to be in the 665 sleepsack and the mr-s leather isolation hood :)


The Playroom

So where to start with the playroom? I suppose like any process, i should start at the beginning...

Our basement was "Finished" and i use that term loosely. It was finished in checkerboard linoleum (which i liked), staple up ceiling tiles and 1970s woodgrain panelling (which i did not like). The first thing to note was that our basement is usually very cold, and so insulation was needed.

I tore down the panelling, floor and ceiling tiles in the area we were going to create the playroom in (approx 12x22 or so), and proceeded to put a proper header, footer and studs in (attached to the concrete foundation). Then 1.5" foamular insulation and vapor barrier was added, and then it was drywalled. All of this after laying out the electrical for the room (which previously was a mess) and putting up a door.

There was a lot more that went into it than this, but for the sake of brevity, im abridging it a bit.

In the playroom at this time we have:
1) Shelves from IKEA (yuck, but cheap!)
2) Shelf hanging to hold the hoods, with a rod underneath for restraints.
3) The fuck bench (built by yours truly, basic design, but functional)
4) A sling that i made from nylon webbing on my sewing machine at home
5) Rolling Tool cart (this holds a lot of various stuff you might like to be able to roll around the room, as well as making a flat surface for anything)
6) Really the piece-de-resistance at this point -- the strap table. This piece is a mashup of several designs i have seen, with some improvements and ideas that i came up with on my own -- i plan to replace this with a more interesting model later, but with 27 straps to hold a person immobile, it works very well. More on the construction of this in its own post.

A few pics of the playroom, and the playroom being used.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Year Anniversary

This is my one-year anniversary of not blogging -- and I'm back. After some encouragement from several people that want me to write on this blog, and hear about what im up to, I am going to commit to writing here regularly.

This installment will be short and sweet, but i suppose i will start with some recent projects/events.

1) The finishing of the basement playroom
2) Building the bondage table
3) IML and points between
4) My recent trip to San Francisco, and to the Serious Bondage Institute

Look tomorrow for the full playroom write-up, but for now here is a sneak preview of the space.