Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I lied!

Ok, i promised a sleepsack review (I lied). Truthfully, it is coming, but ive gotten sidetracked. I decided to embark on my own journey learning the mysteries and intricacies of latex craft. I have to say that it is coming along rather well, considering i'm learning mostly on my own, though i do have a teacher potentially lined up.

So for those of you who have voted for me to learn to make latex gear, I got ahead of the poll, im already on my way to it. I hope to try to make my first project/garment within the next week or so. I'll post updates on my progress as time goes on, but its a difficult, frustrating and DEFINITLEY a very vaporous endeavor. It seems to have its pitfalls and its mountains, but i will overcome them in time.

I definitley have some really amusing ideas and inventions that no one seems to have considered before >:-D


Monday, April 12, 2010

Gear Reviews!!!

So i've decided to do gear reviews for gear the I personally own, or have used and can make comparisons upon... the first category I'm going to review is one that you all know i am TOTALLY obsessed with ... SLEEPSACKS!

I personally own quite a few sleepsacks, and I have a few friends that own some different ones, so I intend to go through and review them all, and then in the end draw some comclusions based on my observations.

Anyone that wants to send a sleepsack for me to inspect (possibly try, if it fits me) and compare to the rest is welcome to ... barring anyone wanting to do that, i will keep the reviews to the gear i can lay my hands upon...

First up: The new (and strangely cheap) neoprene sleepsack from 665 Leather in LA. -- watch for the review later this evening.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

A bit of philosophy

For this post, im going to post one more bit of Bodisama related commentary -- not somber and sad, but a bit of observation and philosophy that he and I both shared, and something that is missing in many people these days.

What I'm speaking of is drive and passion ... throwing yourself wholly into you creations. It can be said that there are two ways to create: one is to simply use your hands and your mind ... the other is to actually put something of yourself into it, to truly make the creation your own.

James and I spoke in depth about a latin phrase that is often used to describe the fine line between the possible and the impossible -- "pons asinorum". Literally translated it means "Bridge of asses" or more properly "Bridge of fools". Those who knew James, and who are close to me know that he and I shared a philosophy about this particular point.

The line between the possible and impossible is not as definite as many people are willing to accept. To accomplish the impossible you have to be ready to let go of everything you think you know, open yourself to new ideas, and most importantly to rewrite the rules.

This last point is the most important so I will restate it: REWRITE THE RULES!

Open your eyes and look at what is out there, there are people all around you constantly rewriting the rules as they go. These people are often seen as being at the top of their game ... consider those in the kink community that are held to be innovators, and analyze how they have rewritten the rules to suit them.

What is my point in all of this? Simply this -- It is only impossible if you play by the rules ... to be truly great, be prepared to break some rules.

And i told my friends i would try not to make this blog all preachy ;)


To the end of what was, and to new beginnings....

So having had the thought that i was not cut out for blogs, and that I would never again try my hand in the blog world, here i am again. I did not arrive here without help however ... and my first post though solemn in mood, is a reminder to myself as to why i am writing these thoughts down.

Last friday, I lost a great friend and a mentor that many of you who read this blog know. James Hatton (whom you may know as Bodisama) passed away 4/2/2010. He was the owner and mastermind of DevilDogRubber and one of the most devious minds and creators I've had the pleasure of encountering in my short time on this earth. He will be sorely missed my many, he was a friend to some, acquaintence to many, and in his departure he left his dear partner Matt behind, whom my thoughts go out to deeply.

For those who would like to write something about James or read what has been written by others, I've decided to share the link to his memorial page here -- ... while you are free to post there, i ask only two things: 1) As this is a public site, try to keep it as G rated as possible while keeping in mind that James was fairly open about his fetish, so use the first few posts as an example of how far is far enough. 2) PLEASE do not ask how he passed away... now is not the time to ask these questions, it is the time to grieve and to celebrate his life and his legacy (or legend if you will ... i prefer to think of James as legendary).

But enough about what has transpired, I came here today to share with you why I've suddenly decided to fall face forward into the blog-world once more.

Once I found out that James had passed away, I found myself increasingly going back to read our lengthy chats, his posts on the devildogrubber blog, as well as his personal livejournal. While reading these random posts and thoughts that he decided to share with us, i came to a sudden realization: These thoughts and ideas that we have, the dreams, the fantasies, and the philosophies are something that makes us who we are. If one were to pass away without having shared these with anyone, then they will be lost forever, but if these thoughts and feelings are shared with those around us, then that part will live on and be carried forth.

Those of you who know me probably know me as a relatively private person ... I don't associate with many people, and I don't go out of my way to meet new friends. In retrospect over the last few years, I have shared my ideas, dreams and fantasies with select few (James being among them), and his death has brought the realization that I am not happy living in my own mind any longer, and I need to share part of myself.

So with that -- this post is the first of what will hopefully many time when I reach out and share a bit of myself with my friends.

And of course I will also be posting kinky things that i think are amusing, as is only befitting a blog where I am sharing my private thoughts.