Thursday, January 4, 2024

Kept Safe

Bear with me - I've never written any fiction before, but I've recently been feeling creative and inspired. Enjoy!


 I became aware of a roaring sound getting slowly louder, as if it was getting closer. It sounded like water crashing into something, but I could tell it was inside my head. When I thought it couldn’t possibly get louder, it stopped.

As I began to regain self awareness, I tested my body to see how I felt. In that moment, I became aware that I could barely move my body, other than my head - even that had almost no movement. I squirmed, pulled and tried to free myself from whatever was holding me in place, but I seemed to be surrounded on all sides by an unyielding barrier that felt strangely soft and smooth.

I tried to cry out, but to my surprise my mouth seemed to be filled with something firm, rubbery, but unmoving. All that came out was a muffled noise, barely audible and unrecognizable as speech. 

One by one I explored my other senses. After a bit of exploration, I picked up on some cues as to what I was feeling. I could hear and feel creaking as I tried to move. I could smell the faint smell of leather and sweat. My mouth tasted strange, a hint of something I couldn't identify, not a taste I could place.  I opened my eyes, and I could see nothing. There seemed to be something covering my head that I couldn’t shake.

I wasn't sure exactly what was going on or how I got this way. I had no idea who it was that seemed to have restrained me so perfectly and inescapably.  What I did know was that I liked how it felt; nervous, horny, tight, restrictive and totally silent other than the sounds of my squirming against the restraints.

My body started to respond to the combination of sensory deprivation and restraint. I felt myself start to get aroused.

I felt a pressure on and around my cock. I could feel it straining against something hard. The thought of what it might be just made me strain even harder. I knew I was trapped in a loop of horny straining and horny because I was straining. I thought about how many horny nights I had spent fantasizing with guys about strict enforced chastity. 

Suddenly everything started to feel tighter than before. In my helpless and horny state, I could feel my anticipation and curiosity escalate rapidly. I thought about how good it felt to be restrained this way. How everything felt on my hands and my arms. I could feel every detail of texture that touched my body and held me in place. Pulling against the restraints felt so erotic that it became involuntary. I was trapped with an intoxicating combination of primal need to escape and I knew that escape was impossible. 

Someone really did not want me going far and they’d gone to some effort to make sure it felt like it.

I felt myself falling into subspace, lost in the sensations of objectification, desire, and frustration. I could feel my body tingling all over. My senses felt like they were on fire.  I’d been caught in a trap that seemed to be made from my deepest bondage fantasies. But who was responsible? Casting about in my memories, I was searching for any hints as to how I got here. 

I’d long fantasized about forcible abduction scenes and often shared them with other people online. To my frustration, I couldn’t remember any specifics.

The last thing I could remember was one of my gym bros handing me a yellow sport drink after we’d finished working out. We’d spent some time admiring our progress in the mirror. It was fun and playful; there seemed to be a horny tension in the air between us. I felt amazing.

My body felt alive with endorphins from working out and I was getting lost in feeling myself. The more I flexed and admired my workout partner, the more I enjoyed the sensation and gave in to the feelings of exhibitionism.

After some time when we were satisfied, he moved in close. I was confused as to why, but I felt connected with him. I remember feeling like I didn’t care about anything else. I remember how he didn’t stop looking me intently in my eyes, and I remember how much I enjoyed the sensation. We stood there frozen in place together for a few long minutes. I remember hearing my blood pounding and my ears ringing. I remember how strong he felt when he caught me as I fell, my legs giving way underneath me.

Snapping back to the present, I jerked against the restraints, surprised to hear a voice somewhere nearby. 

"I see my gimp is awake! I'll bet you have a lot of questions…"