Tuesday, June 22, 2010

665 Sleepsack Review

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Monday, June 21, 2010

IML Pics - Round One!

From left to right - RubberAsylum, myself and my roommate ChicagoGear. Thanks to ReddyWhp for the photo.

RubberAsylum and I making a visit to the puppy party. Thanks to Dateaking for the photo.
Me in a DevilDogRubber catsuit, on a leash and locked in my suit by Rubberboundcop.
After Rubberboundcop decided to add the gag ;)

Time to get back to blogging - Post IML

Ok -- IML this year was really great. I had a good time, met a lot of people that i have been anticipating for a long time.

Thursday night i decided to be irresponsible, and head down to the hotel to hang out with Dateaking. After a nice dinner nearby we went back to their room. After sitting around and getting comfortable, we had a little gear show-and tell (i had brought some of mine as well of course). I ended up trying out his .9mm SkinTightRubber shoulder zip suit (which was GREAT by the way). Before i knew it i was also in a rubber puffy hood, straightjacket, and secured down to the bed well. I spent the next few hours enjoying that, being teased on and off by Dateaking. Finally it was time to get out of this particular gear, and after a shower i got in my 1mm rubber sleepsack for bed (at this point it was about 3am, and i had to be up for work at 6am) LOL.

Friday RubberAsylum arrived, and i met him at the airport. He had a friend with him already that he had met on the plane (IML weekend, duh). On the train downtown, we ran into d0ppel on the train (and at various points throughout the weekend). I spent some time at the Gearblast in catsuit, and then got into RubberAsylum's Aquala Bondage Suit that was made by Bodisama, and a quite evil looking mask (look for pics below). I spent the rest of the evening in this outfit :)

Saturday was an odd day -- woke up with a migraine (no, not a hangover), and the day kinda flew out the window. At some point i decided i WAS going to the party for Bodisama, and migraine be damned. So after a Vicodin and getting my rubber on, i headed up. The turnout to the party was great, and I got to see lots of familiar faces and a few new ones. The alcohol and food was free and flowing readily. Combine that with the Vicodin, and soon i was locked in my suit by Rubberboundcop, and on a leash (more pics for this also). Apparently at some point we went back to Rubberboundcop's room, and soon i found myself waking up at 6am, disoriented, still locked in my catsuit :) ... that is an interesting night i say :-D

Sunday was not terribly eventful, a lot of hanging out, and i got to meet and spend some time with a cute pup named Hunter, Smtpboy, Rubberasylum and Boundinrubber. Hunter and i embarked on a quick trip out to the store for some sunburn aloe (long story, don't ask). Sooner or later everyone got their gear on and headed down to the lobby or to parties.

I got to wear my freshly repaired invincible catsuit, which has now survived 2 wearings, and had a good time socializing and hanging out.

Monday was mostly absorbed in packing up and getting things in order ;) so no mischief there, but i look forward to next year already.

Everyone is sure to ask, so my swag for this year from the market: Silicone Chastity Device from Mr-S, a couple Pocket Vibes from BDG sales, and a new LockedInSteel collar (that fits over my catsuit collar)

Theres my report for this year ;) stand by for pictures, I'm still trying to collect them all.