Thursday, August 4, 2016


I hate to come back to blogging this way, but I think its important. Please get help if you are feeling suicidal. If you know someone who needs help, try to make sure they get what they need. This is hitting too close to home. We are a small community and we need to help each other through things, we also need to know that we can lean on our friends for support.

Last night a close friend of mine took his own life.

He was a great guy, an awesome friend and one of the rare people who could regularly put a smile on my face. He was also an active member of the gear community and regularly contributed his time at events. 

When something happens like this, it puts so much of the detail about your life and interaction with the person in perspective.

To someone who is in a place so deep and dark, you can be a life line. Any interaction you may have with them is a way to help gently guide them back from the edge. Be part of their life if you can, and just be there to listen, or to sit quietly and be together.

If you know someone who is struggling with depression or in a dark place, reach out to them. The healing process can be long, but it starts with getting them help.

Rest in peace - I'll miss your inappropriate jokes and brutal honesty. I'll miss having my friend who learned to skate and to play hockey with me - that time meant a lot to me.

I hope you find peace and never look back.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Goalie Gimp

This is where you store goalies when they aren't in use. Rocket likes to spend the night in this cage frequently.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Preview from a Recent Weekend With Rocket

Several weeks ago, Rocket and I went and had our first play weekend together both as subs. As strange as it sounds, this has never happened before, as one of us is usually topping the other. 

Here is a nice photo from the weekend (I did not get to try the chair, but I am dying to):

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fetish Photos

Recently I bought a new camera - I have been putting it to good use taking play photos and videos. Rest assured I have many hundred photos to share. Here is a nice preview to whet the appetite

Is this thing still on?

So yes, I've decided to start blogging again. I had some unexplainable depression for awhile, and that caused me to draw inward a bit, but I'm feeling well again. A lot of the folks who read this blog on a regular basis have been prodding me to get back to it, and finish the story I started, so here we go...

My Kidnapping Part 2

As it turns out, they were asking if I was ready to take a ride in the car. After releasing me from some but not all of the restraints, I was lead back up the somewhat treacherous stairs into the house itself.

There was a bit of a production of trying to cover me up a little bit for modesty (apparently rubber kidnappings in residential areas is a bit of an attention getter in some places -- who knew?). My memory of some of this is a bit fuzzy, but I do distinctly recall it being somewhat comical. It really is quite difficult to put a coat and shoes on someone who is hooded, cuffed, mitted and hobbled.

Once that was done, I was led very carefully back out of the house the way I'd come in. As I was put into the back seat of a car I realized it was not the car I'd arrived in, nor did I recognize the voice of the person that was driving it. It sounds mundane, but it's really quite disconcerting to find yourself suddenly at the mercy of an unknown person. It certainly gets the mind racing.

After a short drive with many turns that seems like it took forever (the mind races when you're driving god knows where and restrained), we came to a halt. Straining to hear the voices outside the car, I realized that Damian and his partner had come along, though I couldn't make out what was being discussed.

Abruptly the car door was opened.

"Ok, we're going to do this fast, do you understand?" said a voice.

As I was helped up from the back seat, I found myself rather unceremoniously being hustled a short distance and through a doorframe (which I only sensed by bumping into it).

"Step up", I did so, "Again", "Again", "Again" and so it went on for what seemed like quite a few steps.

A few twists and turns and I was guided up in through another doorway. As I entered the room, I bumped into something directly ahead just as I heard the door slam behind me and latched ominously.

Finding myself alone with my restraints, I figured I should explore my incarceration as much as a hooded, mitted gimp can manage.

With some trial and error I found that I was in a padded cell that was maybe 2 feet by 3 feet, with plenty of room to stand up. There seemed to be plenty of attachment points built into the cell at regular intervals.

As time dragged on, all I could hear was the whine of the ventilation fan built into the cell, and my steady breathing inside the hood. My mind considered the possibilities, but really could not come up with an explanation for where I was or what was going on.

Finally I wedged myself into the cell with my knees on the door and my butt on the back of the cell and settled in for what could be a very long wait for whatever might be next.

In the next installment I'll reveal the destination and what happened next.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Kidnapping (Part 1)

I'm just finally circling back around to writing about what ended up being a crazy end to the summer last year. In August and September of last year I took the better part of a month off of work, and did some visiting of friends and travelling.

This is one of my experiences visiting Bikermtl in Montreal for a week.

He and I had been chatting for some time, and had spent time hanging out at a few events. Over time, talk of coming to visit him in Montreal turned into solid plans, and I found myself taking a week off of work to visit him.

Prior to my visiting he had experienced a catastrophic car failure, and so did not have a car when i was there. During my visit he asked if I could take him and his b/f at the time to Ottawa, which is a couple hours away. He already had plans with friends and the b/f needed to visit family there. As he was hosting me for a week, I obviously agreed.

We arrived at his friend's place a bit early, so we let ourselves in using the spare key. I stepped into the kitchen while Damian replaced the key where it came from.

As I turned around to watch Damian, I heard footsteps behind me -- I had just enough time to glance over my shoulder and see a *big* guy coming at me, who got me from behind in a headlock. The three of them held me, hooded me, and stripped me of my clothes. After a latex surfsuit was installed I was down some stairs and chained to a post.

Everyone went upstairs and left me alone, chained to the post in someone's basement whom I still had not met, locked in a heavy rubber hood and most of all wondering what the hell had just taken place. Needless to say I was 'excited' at having been kidnapped by the three of them, my mind was racing a bit.

After some undetermined amount of time they came down the stairs again and asked if I was 'ready'.

I nodded. "Ready for what", I thought to myself.

As it turns out, things were about to get a lot more interesting....

To Be Continued in Part 2


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Awesome Photo

Does anyone know the history / background / origin of this photo? It's pretty awesome, and I'd like to see more

Hit me up on recon, twitter or gearfetish if you know anything about it.