Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Kidnapping (Part 1)

I'm just finally circling back around to writing about what ended up being a crazy end to the summer last year. In August and September of last year I took the better part of a month off of work, and did some visiting of friends and travelling.

This is one of my experiences visiting Bikermtl in Montreal for a week.

He and I had been chatting for some time, and had spent time hanging out at a few events. Over time, talk of coming to visit him in Montreal turned into solid plans, and I found myself taking a week off of work to visit him.

Prior to my visiting he had experienced a catastrophic car failure, and so did not have a car when i was there. During my visit he asked if I could take him and his b/f at the time to Ottawa, which is a couple hours away. He already had plans with friends and the b/f needed to visit family there. As he was hosting me for a week, I obviously agreed.

We arrived at his friend's place a bit early, so we let ourselves in using the spare key. I stepped into the kitchen while Damian replaced the key where it came from.

As I turned around to watch Damian, I heard footsteps behind me -- I had just enough time to glance over my shoulder and see a *big* guy coming at me, who got me from behind in a headlock. The three of them held me, hooded me, and stripped me of my clothes. After a latex surfsuit was installed I was down some stairs and chained to a post.

Everyone went upstairs and left me alone, chained to the post in someone's basement whom I still had not met, locked in a heavy rubber hood and most of all wondering what the hell had just taken place. Needless to say I was 'excited' at having been kidnapped by the three of them, my mind was racing a bit.

After some undetermined amount of time they came down the stairs again and asked if I was 'ready'.

I nodded. "Ready for what", I thought to myself.

As it turns out, things were about to get a lot more interesting....

To Be Continued in Part 2