Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I lied!

Ok, i promised a sleepsack review (I lied). Truthfully, it is coming, but ive gotten sidetracked. I decided to embark on my own journey learning the mysteries and intricacies of latex craft. I have to say that it is coming along rather well, considering i'm learning mostly on my own, though i do have a teacher potentially lined up.

So for those of you who have voted for me to learn to make latex gear, I got ahead of the poll, im already on my way to it. I hope to try to make my first project/garment within the next week or so. I'll post updates on my progress as time goes on, but its a difficult, frustrating and DEFINITLEY a very vaporous endeavor. It seems to have its pitfalls and its mountains, but i will overcome them in time.

I definitley have some really amusing ideas and inventions that no one seems to have considered before >:-D


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