Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Yep -- I disappeared again for awhile.

I'll admit, I actually kinda feel like I ran out of things to talk about on a regular basis that people would find interesting. I also had some life changes including a job and schedule change that threw me off.

I never thought i would consider myself seasonally affected -- one of those people that gets a little depressed when the sun doesn't shine. Actually, I think I've found this to be the case. Maybe it's because I can't go ride motorcycles :)

I haven't blogged in quite awhile, which means I got way behind. Rocket was / is very nice about this and hasn't really punished me for it, except to gently prod me to get back to it -- His understanding about my lapses has been good :)

Enough excuses - I'll try to be better about it. I'm going to post another story this week I think


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  1. I sympathize. I lived for 33 years in Southern California, where I could ride year-round. I'm now living in Kentucky, and though the roads would be wonderful for hill twisting runs, the weather bombs out by the 1-2d week of November, and your stuck on four wheels till as late as April.

    You may find this weird, but I have found my symptoms abate somewhat by going to a tanning parlor once a week . . . then laying there in the "hot" bed and fantasize about not being let out until someone else decides I'm 'cooked' enough. Then I go to the gym, put on a double-layer neoprene sweat suit, and work my ass off.