Friday, January 4, 2013


I'll admit it. I am kind of a sucker for Christmas -- I always have been.

This year was no exception. Aside from over spending for christmas on a few people I generally buy for, I spent some time with the family, and some time with Rocket.

For Christmas, I got Rocket a really cool Ogio backpack (which, incidentally someone else may have also gotten him). It is purpose made for riding sportbikes, in leathers. It features waterproofing, a place to keep a visor, and a fits over the 'hump' in the leathers.

From him, I have yet to find out -- he says it will be here in a few weeks, and I very much look forward to finding out.

This year, I found that it is the small things that tend to get to me, emotionally (in a good way). A friend of Rocket's that sends he and Reddy christmas presents, also sent them Christmas cookies.

There was one for Rocket, one for Reddy and one that just said "R.F." on it. Someone considers me part of the family. I was a bit touched by it.

So to the sender of the cookies: Thank you for the cookie, and thanks for making me smile.


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