Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First Meeting Magic

I'll keep this short because it's just a smattering of thoughts I have...

In my opinion, there is a certain kind of magic between two people when they play the first time. This is especially true if they share a lot of common interests and/or connect well. These first-off meetings make real impressions on people and set the entire tone for a visit or even a relationship.

Thats why it is important to make as much use of it as possible -- In my case I had someone who had planned out several scenes in advance to my visit, and a VERY interesting airport pick up and first night It put my head in the right place and it was definitely and experience i will remember.

If it's someone you are meeting for the first time and you think that you are going to connect well, make sure you have shared a lot of thoughts/fantasies with each other. A good friend of mine likes to do this long in advance so you have time to forget what you asked for (It does make for an interesting time later).

I think some of the contributors to this factor are:

  • Apprehension about the Person (Yes, this can and does make some people sexually charged)
  • Fear of the Unknown
  • Memory (Maybe you dont remember all you've discussed)
  • Anticipation (Of what the person may be capable of, or how hard/strict)
This is not a comprehensive list, just random bits.

I'm not sure what else to add here, just thinking out loud this morning :)


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