Thursday, May 10, 2012

On the Soapbox

Ok -- this is likely to piss some people off (some people I would count as friends, or close acquaintences), but I'm going to climb up on the soapbox for a moment.

I have a regular number of blogs that I read with a varying regularity -- daily, weekly, monthly. Over the past several years I have noticed more and more that blogs that started out as a smattering of thoughts and experiences behind the person eventually became twisted and changed -- changed in a way I disagree with.

It seems when a blog gets popular or starts getting a lot of hits, the first thing that happens is that the porn and gear manufacturers jump all over it, and there is obviously some (however small, likely) kick-back for the blogger posting their content. Think about it -- you've seen this -- the blogs have been invaded by Bound Gods, Serious Male Bondage, Mr S Leather to name a few.

Now, I dont have a problem with this from the standpoint of the vendors, my beef lies with the people behind the blogs. Whenever I feel like i don't have enough content, i just remind myself that I would rather continue to draw on my own experiences and thoughts to create my blog posts. For me (and this is a preference), to simply regurgitate porn unto my blog is a waste of my time, and of the readers time.

While from time to time, I may post some images or video from porn productions that I think are particularly appealing, that is by not by any means going to make up the 'Meat and Potatoes' of this blog.

I apologize to the friends I may have offended, including the great guys at Serious Male Bondage, who showed me a great time when i was last in the SF Bay Area. This is just a matter of preference and not a personal vendetta, so please don't take it that way.

I am just tired of great blogs being diluted by cookie-cutter-content.

Thanks for listening

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  1. A blog should be a log - a diary of thoughts and experiences, ideas and commentary. I'd rather not hear from a blogger in a while, knowing that when I do, he has something interesting and inspiring to say. Quality, not quantity - and especially if that quantity is just the same-old bumph reaped from commercial sites.

    That said, some guys can do it better than others: there are several long-standing blog-owners who smatter their personal posts with commercial images and videos, but who do so to personally comment on what he has found exciting or inspiring. It's when it is literally a cut-and-paste job, spammed across every blog I follow. That's when I click the 'unfollow' button.